Thursday, December 24, 1998

loco ono is coming!

we began at age 26, inspired buy our first romance with an artist. we played at night in luxemburg, drawn to intimate groupings, candlelight, violent shadow. we continue to explore the figure in portraits and trees.
our sense of chiaroscuro was developed by playing eggs and mirrors by candlelight and copying the italian masters. this led to a period of working only in the messiest, blackest metal, focusing on mark, not line. the practice was to repeatedly play one small area in nature, fill the frame and increase scale. beginning with smaller sets, we ended a year of work with a series of explosions of figurative trees.
in our recent work, we have returned to the portraiture format. subjects for the large works range from media "images" to "family and friends." they were always be done very quickly, without listening to the sound, for the initial sketch, following the wandering line. the larger were taken from a father's day obituary page, a prophetic choice, as it turns out, having lost sonny bono this very year.
we play with our non-dominant hands, a habit we picked up years ago. this, and the practice of working very quickly, frees us psychologically from the conventional expectations of perfection. we meet the subject in the realm of the unconscious and underlying truths are free to reveal themselves.
loco ono is coming!